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Shinjiro's weapon of choice is an axe. A heavy axe, to be exact. Axes fall under the bludgeon class of weapons, which inflict strike damage. They are powerful in regards to attack power, but lack accuracy. Therefore, although Shinjiro is capable of hitting hard, he has a higher chance of missing opponents compared to others with different weapon choices. In addition to his default axe, he is able to use a series of other heavy weapons that are obtainable through Elizabeth/Theo requests, chests in Tartarus or simply by purchasing them. The weapons listed below are those the player can obtain while Shinjiro is in the party in Persona 3 Portable. They are listed from lowest to highest attack power.

Bus Stop Sign

HIT: 99
OBTAIN: Request #34 - 3 Gold Handguards from the 4th Block
DESCRIPTION: It says, "Gekkoukan High School."

Heavy Axe

HIT: 88
OBTAIN: Shinjiro's default weapon
DESCRIPTION: Axe used to destroy the opponent's armor.

Ogre Hammer

HIT: 88
OBTAIN: Police station (LV 39); common chests (118F, 128F, 132F)
DESCRIPTION: A gigantic hammer.

Night Stalker

HIT: 89
OBTAIN: Rare chest (116F, 124F, 133F)
DESCRIPTION: A murderer's assault weapon.

Megaton Rod

HIT: 88
OBTAIN: Police station (LV 47)
DESCRIPTION: Rod that can smash through shields.

Guillotine Axe

HIT: 88
OBTAIN: Request #79 - Fruit Knife (from Shinjiro on 9/17)
DESCRIPTION: Axe used in executions.

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