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I have to say, it's been like a dream come true to see Shinjiro finally get some merchandise! He didn't have much of anything other than being on some drama CD covers until the movies were released. Now, however, he does have a few things. Since I am a collector myself, I enjoy seeing pages like these. Like Shinjiro? Like collecting things? Well this page is for you! I will add larger images of the things I have ordered when they arrive.

As my favorite piece of merchandise, I just had to list this one first. Shinjiro has a 1/8 scale PVC that was a Prize B in HappyKuji Persona 3 the Movie: #2 Midsummer Knight's Dream. This prize not only comes with the fully painted PVC of Shinji, but also a little Koromaru to sit by his side! Unfortunately, he is not available to be bought on online stores. There are a few auctions of the figure going on Yahoo Auctions, but you'll need a 3rd party in order to bid. I have purchased the figure and will write more when he ships!

Prize G in HappyKuji Persona 3 the Movie: #2 Midsummer Knight's Dream includes a trading figure from a set of characters--Shinjiro, Ken, Aegis, Takaya, Jin or Chidori. I have yet to get this set, but based on the first set they are roughly the size of nendoroids (~4.5") and are very high quality. Again, this is another piece of merchandise that you cannot buy from an online store, but rather would have to get it through Yahoo Auctions.


Shinjiro also has a variety of different straps. All of the ones pictured above are rubber straps, with the exception of the Persona Q strap which is metal. Pictured from left to right, the rubber straps are from HappyKuji, Movic, Petako and Cafe Reo. I have yet to see any of these on online stores that I go to with the exception of the Petako set which was used to be available for pre-order at CDJapan. Otherwise, I have seen the others occasionally on Ebay, but they are quite pricey.

A few of the SEES members got clear files during the release of the second movie in theaters and Shinjiro got this one. It also comes with an image of Castor that can be slid inside to change the background. As much as I would love to own this, I have yet to find it for a reasonable price. Unfortunately any time I have seen it on sites like Ebay or Yahoo Auctions, it has been very expensive. I will definitely keep my eye out, though, and will add a higher quality picture if I manage to find it.

With the second movie in theaters, a variety of movie merchandise is set for release in July. Above are sample images of things that Shinjiro will be getting. From left to right is a wooden strap, a multi strap and a keychain. I have both the wooden strap and keychain ordered, but was unable to secure the multi strap. As far as I have seen, the wooden strap and multi straps are all sold out, but as of 6/23 the keychain can still be ordered from Ami Ami. I will add larger images of the two I have ordered once they arrive.

Lastly, Shinjiro shares a drama CD with Akihiko and Koromaru. It is the 5th volume in the Persona 3 character drama CD line. The story begins with the protagonist, Akihiko, Shinjiro and Koromaru in Tartarus. They are collecting items when suddenly the Reaper shows up. Akihiko is separated from the others and begins to battle regular shadows despite knowing how close the Reaper is. The others go to aid Akihiko who won't stop fighting to run away. They barely escape and Shinjiro scolds Akihiko for getting into combat when they were told to regroup. Akihiko is clearly treating the whole scenario lightly, which pisses Shinjiro off. The two get in a fight and the rest of the CD is about trying to get them to make up. It's a funny drama that showcases Shinjiro's relationship with Akihiko well. Unfortunately, the CD is no longer in print and thus regular online stores do not have it. The CD is available on Amazon and Yahoo Auctions.

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