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NAME: Aragaki Shinjiro (荒垣真次郎) 
BIRTHDAY: August 11, 1991
AGE: 18
HEIGHT: 177 cm (5'10")
WEIGHT: "No useless meat attached"
FAVORITE FOOD: Hagakure Ramen

Fast Facts

→ Shinjiro stubbornly joins SEES after Akihiko does. He refused to leave the dorm once Akihiko moved there, despite concerns about his ability to control his Persona.

→ Shortly after joining, Castor goes out of control during a mission and kills a woman on the street--Ken's mother. Due to his extreme guilt, he decides to leave SEES.

→ Shinjiro is taking suppressant pills he receives from Strega in order to help control Castor.

→ As a result of taking the suppressants, Shinjiro is actually slowly dying.

→ Shinjiro wears his pea coat and knit hat all of the time because the suppressants make it difficult for him to maintain a proper body temperature.

→ Akihiko repeatedly asks Shinjiro to join SEES once again--an offer he refuses until he learns Ken has joined voluntarily.

→ On October 4th, Shinjiro sacrifices himself in order to prevent Ken from being shot by Takaya. However, in P3P if the female protagonist maxes out his social link, he survives and is in a coma for the rest of the game.

→ Regardless of his fate, Shinjiro's voice is still heard cheering on the protagonist during the final battle with Nyx.

→ Shinjiro has no weaknesses in battle, but his attacks are not super effective on anything either. He frequently gets critical hits, though.

→ Shinjiro's weapon of choice is the battle axe. All of his weapons are heavy.

→ Shinjiro informs the protagonist of how uncomfortable he feels wearing both his butler costume and the Shirt of Chivalry if his armor is changed in Tartarus.

→ He is, however, very pleased when the protagonist gives him a bus sign as a weapon!

→ The fruit knife you can receive from Shinjiro on 9/17 is old, worn and very important to him. Elizabeth/Theo note there is an engraving relating to an orphanage and graduation gift on the handle.

→ All of the male characters have a Shirt of Chivalry with different kanji on the back. Shinjiro has 命, which means "life" or "fate."

→ Shinjiro is the tallest playable character, though he is frequently hunched over with his hands in his pockets.

→ Shinjiro has a soft spot for dogs and is very fond of Koromaru.

→ Watching tiny animals surviving with all of their strength at the movies makes him cry...

→ Shinjiro is an excellent cook and enjoys watching cooking shows. He also carries chef knives in his coat!

→ Akihiko mentions how Shinjiro used to cut class by either going to the roof to nap or get ramen at Hagakure.

→ He is capable of knocking people (and shadows) to the ground by bashing them with his head!

→ In the original Persona 3, Persona 3 FES and the male protagonist route of P3P, Shinjiro's arcana is The Hierophant. In the female route, it changes to The Moon.

→ Shinjiro is voiced by Kazuya Nakai in Japanese and Grant George in English.

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